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Southern California Real Estate Professionals Appreciate Homestead Escrow

Homestead Escrow prides itself on delivering the highest level of service and professionalism possible. The experienced professionals at Homestead share a pride in their work and a commitment going above and beyond to ensure every facet of the escrow process is handled quickly and efficiently. Here are what just a few of their clients have to say about their outstanding service:



It's the only word I can use to describe you and the company you have built.

I just want to tell you that as I spend time in each office, now Laguna Hills, and I sit and listen to your employees work and take care of work it becomes apparent all over again how extraordinary your company & employees are. 

Most employers spend much of their time trying to figure out how to get there employees to be motivated to work hard and efficiently.

But you have managed to collect and train the most amazingly self disciplined hard working people I have ever seen. They work HARD! All day. Without breaks if necessary to get the work done. They are amazing. And it's because you are amazing and your work ethic inspires them to "Go For IT" everyday.

You are an amazing and extraordinary woman and your company is a reflection of your high values and hard work ethic. You have built person by person a company with such an amazing work ethic that you could teach the CEO's of most of the Fortune 500 companies how to manage their employees to run efficiently!

Network Specialist


Just wanted you to know (and I'm sure you do already), what a great experience it was to deal with your company - directly the result of my interface with Gracie. I've bought and sold my fair share of homes in the past thirty years, but have never had a better experience with an Escrow/Closing Company. Gracie was wonderful and very supportive at every state of the process. My wife Ruby and I will be certain to recommend your organization (and Gracie in particular) to everyone we know.

Thanks, Randal and Ruby Buchanan

Jonivery nicely done on everyone's part. You have earned my escrow business from here on out! It was a pleasure working with you.

Chris Cathcart-First Team Commercial

 "Jen....I doubt the sale would have closed without your dedication and professionalism.  On behalf of all involved in the transaction, a very big thank you!  Please feel free to share this email with your supervisors so they can know how valuable you are to Homestead Escrow, and how well you represent them....I will look forward to working with you again in the future."

Keith A. Rosenbaum - Spectrum Law Group, LLP (949) 851-4300

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate EddieDebbie, and Jesse for their time and solution to a recording problem that was caused by the title company. Thank you!

CT Lee

Hi Stacy,

I just wanted to let you know I have had two of my agents tell me how wonderful it is to work with you. I personally want to thank you for giving them such great customer serviceJ!!!
Patrice M.



“I feel very fortunate to have a connection in the industry that I can trust to handle my personal business.

It's always been a pleasure to work with you and all your employees.

Still can't figure out how everyone there always seems to be happy while doing such a high stress job...something that fortunately hasn't changed a bit even after all these years.

Thinking that's one of your secrets to success.

Thanks again for your help.”

Christine Koedel

Have I mentioned you are my absolute favorite settlement agent to work with in the entire state of CA?

Jessica Braun


I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how great Jennifer Davidson is.

This month she handled three of my transactions (all of which were extremely challenging)

and she took care of everything like a total pro. She went way above and beyond the call of duty on the files.

I am certain that if it were not for her, 2 of the three would have never closed.

Thank God she was my Escrow Officer on these!!

I'm blessed to have Homestead Escrow as my go to company, Take care - Jeff Lawson


Hi Stacy,

Yet another AWESOME job.  Thanks for making this transaction so seamless!

As you know, we have a myriad of choices for escrow.  This is just another example of why you and your company are our first choice ALWAYS when we have the option to choose our own escrow company.

Thanks AGAIN,

Eddie Tanamachi

Absolutely went above and beyond in making sure the final process of my home purchase would go smoothly. I had limited time to complete the final requirements to close escrow and as nervous and anxious as I was, Eddie helped keep me calm and assured me Homestead Escrow would work hard to meet our deadline and we did. All throughout the escrow process Eddie and his team were a delight to work with and were always available to answer any questions I had when reviewing purchasing documents. Great Team!"


Hi Heather – Thanks and you have been great to work with.  Actually the entire Homestead escrow staff is something special for sure.  I see why the agents are sending you the bizz.  I’m also working on another escrow within your company, which is also going well.  Keep up the good work over there!

Kindly, Ryan Dez

"No one has had a more profound impact in my Real Estate career than Julie Richardson. She has set the course that has helped my growth and success. There is no better occasion to comment on excellence than today, in this market.

Julie Richardson of Homestead Escrow, you are the Escrow Officer worthy of the support of this Real Estate Community.  In my more than 20 years in this business, there has been no one more diligent, hard working and supportive in my professional life.  Best of all, the clients truly love you and are amazed by how much of yourself you give to your job.  You make us all look good and no matter how hard the situation, you make it look so easy.

In fact, you and I just went to bat for a client of advanced age to get her tax base reversed successfully and the County Recorder mentioned verbatim, "Who ever heard of an Escrow Officer coming to fight for a buyer".

For all of that and for 10 years of service of excellence, I thank you with profound gratitude."

Monika Scott - Re/Max Select One (949) 363-9848

Jennifer Davidson

Thank you so much.  Please know I truly enjoy working with you. I would say by far you are one of the best Escrow companies that I have worked with.  Have a wonderful day.
Warmest Regards, Summer Crone


I want to take this moment to thank you for all your hard work in the closing of our house on Mazo Drive,

You were diligent in keeping me informed, you kept me calm throughout the process when I had doubts if this closing was going to be completed and once the funding issues were resolved how quickly you reacted to getting the funds to my bank in order for the domino effect to occur with two closings back to back yesterday between 3pm and 4:30pm.

We spoke many times on our road trip from Seattle to Dallas and without your reassurances, I am not sure the closing would have been done as quickly as it was considering all the roadblocks you incurred during the process.

A job well done by you.

It was a pleasure working with you and wish you continued success in the years to come.

Tom Harrold, Senior Consultant


Thank you.  Great work, excellent communication, rapid response time and professional service.

Mike Soloway


I just closed two other escrows with this seller and she raved about Heather. She is a great customer of mine and she is a tough cookie. This is high praise and I will echo it. Heather does such a great job. She is thorough and efficient. I love working with her...she is the best.

Thanks, Lon

Dear Christine, I am sending you a heartfelt thank you for your incredible work on our transaction. None of us had the foresight to anticipate the unexpected complications that resulted in dragging the close of escrow weeks behind. I am most thankful for your  quality and the timeliness of your communication. You are most deserving of our repeat business! Thank you so very much!

Kurt Hagel-First Team Real Estate

Thanks Eddie…You’re the best!!
Your level of customer service is in a class of it’s own,
Julie has “chosen wisely”

RB & Torri—Customers of Homestead Escrow —forever!


I just want to convey my appreciation for the professionalism exhibited by you and your team on my first transaction in Laguna Woods.

Best Regards, Hernan


Just wanted to let you know that I love working with Melanie! The closing packages are super clean and she is great to work with. Perfect choice!

Amy Plaza, Regional Manager

Christy De La Torre

Did I ever tell you guys “YOU ARE THE BEST”!!!!!!!!!!! Really, Really, Really,  last week was the killer proof!!!!!!!!!!

Chris girls RULE!!!!! 



You are the best and we all agree. Your knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile and take the reins when you can have saved many a transaction. I'd suggest you run for  USA President because then we would know things would get done and goals achieved. But you can't because then I'd have to never do real estate again. You are a gem. And you're ours! 

Thank you. And please thank your wonderful staff

Pat Nunnikhoven 

Christine Koedel

I just want to say I really appreciate your prompt responses and professionalism. You are providing your clients with great customer service!

You have been a joy to work with. Dusty Jeffries


I just closed escrow on my first home. I am writing you to recommend Heather Clearwater for a tremendous job she did as my escrow officer. As a first time home buyer, I had a ton of questions on the escrow process. So I bombarded poor Heather with questions. She was always responsive and quick to return my calls.  She was great at communication and had a way of explaining the complicated escrow process that made everything clear. And, most importantly, Heather was meticulous in her work. She did everything right the first time. I had a realtor that gave out false information and an out of state lender that was difficult to work with. If it wasn't for Heather, I wouldn't be able to get my loan as quickly as I did.

Hi Chris

I'd like to thank you and your team for the wonderful job in closing this.

This is the best escrow service that I have had experience with in my 25 years dealing with home purchase/sale and loan application. I have posted a 5 star recommendation in Yelp sharing my experience.

Thank you again for your help.

We greatly appreciate your service.

Thank you judy

It was a pleasure working with Heather and Homestead Escrow. Homestead Escrow has earned my business. I will strongly recommend you to all my friends and families.

Jake Hsu

Thank you so much for everything.  I have to compliment you and Homestead Escrow for Gracie.  Gracie is so very wonderful, intelligent, personable, capable, and a great asset to you and to Homestead.  I think the world of her.  This last escrow was one where I needed a lot of  sensitivity for my client and Gracie had a lot of compassion and helped me to make my client feel safe.  I am very appreciative.  When I have the choice of where my escrow will be placed it will always be with you, Gracie and Homestead.  

Thank you.  Sarah Goldschmidt


Christy de La Torre

Thank you for being such  great assistance in keeping our recent transaction on track. I appreciate that you were always available and had answers to my questions. You and Christine are a great team!

Jill Mitzev-Harcourts


My husband and I would like to send you and your professional staff our heartfelt appreciation for all your hard work in this challenging transaction. 

We look forward to get together with you to celebrate this occasion upon my return. 

I am also looking forward to close more transactions with you in a very near future. 

Kindest regards, Floria


I have had two compliments from callers this week, about how she is the best receptionist that they have spoken too and that she is so professional and so courteous, and that they felt the need to say something.

Kudos to Tracy!

Thank you for what you do Tracy!


Hi Donna,

Hope you are doing well. I have not spoken to you in a while. Working on getting a couple of new listings and trying to get the one I have sold so I can get it over to you!! I just wanted to let you know that I am happy and content doing business with you and your company. I have switched around several Escrow Company's over the years and I am happy that I have found a home!

Thanks again for going overboard i.e. returning calls and emails on weekends, sending me HUD 1's on Sundays, communicating with me and my clients well past the standard "5:00 pm", saving my deals and most importantly the patience & professionalism you show to my clients. This is also reflected by your colleagues.

If I don't speak to you have a great holiday season and a wonderful new year!

Looking forward to doing lots of business with you in 2013. 

Thanks, Uma Perricone - Remax Select One


To the best escrow officer in the world!! A job well done once again, you never cease to amaze us. Thank you for taking such good care of my nephew and his wife. They absolutely love you.  I left a vm for you too. Have a wonderful weekend, you deserve it.


Stacy, I love your customer service initial letters and your closing letters.  They are superior and show you go the extra mile for your clients!

Thank you for all your hard work.  I appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Marion Wilfong

Century 21 Rainbow Realty

Thks Jenny,

Ps you are the BEST Escrow agent I have ever dealt with…pls copy this to your supervisor or advise who that is and I will send them a note!


Christine K.,

I want to thank you for being the best escrow officer I have ever experienced! You are truly amazing and your professionalism is outstanding! …What I love most about you is your ability to accomplish a task, no matter how difficult and no matter how unreasonable it may appear at the time.

In 28 years of being a Broker/Realtor, I have never experienced such a considerate, thoughtful & responsible escrow officer! … Both sides of the transaction commented on your expertise and excellence!

Thank you for going the extra mile to make certain that all of the bases [were] covered! You are truly exceptional!

Sincerely, Steven Abraham - Prudential CA Realty 


I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Eddie Tanamachi from Homestead Escrow, Laguna Niguel. It has been a great pleasure to work with Eddie towards the completion of our newly purchased home in Laguna Niguel. His professionalism, dedication and commitment to ensure our rights and benefits as buyers, was greatly appreciated. Eddie’s sincere support and friendly service during each step of the escrow process was very helpful.  He ensured we understood the process, transferred the documents promptly and that the communication lines were always open to answer questions.  Anytime I had any questions, or concerns, I felt very welcome to contact Mr. Eddie Tanamachi, as he was patient and understanding.
I would recommend Mr. Eddie Tanamachi and his team as I find them very trustworthy, and professional.
Thanks again, Eddie!
Monir Tabrizi have been awesome to work with!

We are actually in for final sign off and loan documents. Dee will let you know when they are ready!

Thanks again for such a seamless transaction.

I would like to use your services again! You were a WOW!

Have a great day! Darcy

Christy de la Torre,

Thanks again for a successful close!!! You are all truly amazing at what
you do and I greatly appreciate all of you!!!!!

Melissa Mitchell

Stacy Cope

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how very much I was
pleased with your firm!
Stacy is a true asset to you and be very sure I will recommend her and
your Escrow Company to anyone I can.  Her genuine courtesy, knowledge
and patience have been such a comfort, not to mention her help with my
Son David.
Stacy is truly a wonderful person to work with!
Sincerely, Cathy Osler

I was awe-struck by the amount of detail necessary to close escrow. Gracie made it look easy. As importantly, they were very efficient, knowledgeable, and always respectful and polite. It was a pleasure working with them.

John Crisan

Hi Cindy,

Thanks so much ..

Another diligent worker at Homestead Escrow! This reiterates that this is a quality company, who has quality staff members!

Sincerely, Susan B.

Cheryl Yarborough, on Donna Szmurlo’s team was determined to insure that we as sellers were properly represented and deserving of being fully and precisely apprised of all important steps in the sale. Further Cheryl, reviewed and re-reviewed every single expense item in an effort to allow us to come away from the sale with as much possible. We simply expect this from a professional but what was special was the pleasantness, calmness and genuine involvement that Cheryl brought to the a few words it was far more than expected and there wasn't one thing that could have worked better for us.

Boy, don't we all wish such impactful things would work out so well in life, well if the right people like Cheryl are there to assist it makes it far more possible.

From Roger


Is there anywhere I can go to rank your excellent customer service and help throughout this process?  You've been so on top of things and I'd really like to say thank you.  Please feel free to send me a customer satisfaction survey to fill out on your behalf.  I've really appreciated working with you.

Peter Hartshorne

Jennifer Davidson has handled several purchases and refinances for my wife and me.  My email is an acknowledgement for a "job well done" and a thank you for her professionalism and courtesy.
If I can be of assistance in anyway please let me know.
Best regards, Rick Herron


You are really on it! Thanks so much for this expert service!


Cora Berkery



From the first moment of contact with Donna, a process that can often be stressful and tedious was quite the opposite.  She saved me hours of time in assisting me by phone in completing initial documents, and worked diligently with both my agent and the buyer's agent throughout the escrow period.  With such a deadline driven nature of your business, I wanted you to know what a difference she made in our successful closing last Thursday evening.  I don't know what I would have done without her professionalism, kindness, and conscientious efforts throughout.  Please know that I will always be grateful to her and to all of you at Homestead.  Feel free to post my comments on your website as a testimonial to all of you.

Many Thanks and Good Wishes, Donna Bratton-Kearns

Stacy, you were GREAT, not many people would have had the patience to deal with my client.  Your professionalism was outstanding!  I am sure this transaction would have collapsed if not for you!!!!  It was a pleasure working with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for saving this transaction.

Best Wishes, Wayne Pailma

Dear Stacy,

You have indeed exceeded my expectations. Your hard work, persistence, follow-up and communication have been evident at every stage of the escrow. Thank you very much !!!

Claude Stone

Hi Jenny,

Thank you again for another smooth transaction complemented with excellent professional service.  You have truly been one of the best escrow officers that I have worked with in the past 15 years, and look forward to working with you again.

John Chew - Prime Brokers

Great job Homestead Escrow and Franklin American. We closed that loan in less than 2 weeks!!!!

Darren McLellan

Hi Julie,

Just wanted to take a second to let you know how wonderful Carolyn was to work with on the escrow closing today on 10 Dorchester in Laguna Niguel.  She was thorough, responsive, insightful, and creative always going above and beyond to make sure we closed on time with buyers who live in China and speak very little English.  Most importantly, she was always a pleasure to speak with and every time we spoke, she was happy and cheerful, and I could sense a true passion and love for what she does.  It's rare these days to sense that when you speak to someone, especially in this crazy, deadline oriented business we are in.

Thanks again to Carolyn and Homestead for an outstanding experience, and I will definitely be sending all my future business your way any opportunity I get.

Best, Matt Leibman - Veranda Homes

Hi Julie,

We are buyers of the property at 75 Highland Vw, Irvine. During the process, Heather has been our escrow specialist. We were very impressed by Heather's work and wanted to write a feedback to you to express our gratitude to Heather.

As you know, most escrows will not close smoothly, so was ours. We had a title issue at the end of close and the title company did not want to help us with full effort. At that time, we kept bugging Heather on status update, and she was very patient at returning our calls and meantime, negotiate with title company and HOA to resolve the issue. She worked late to coordinate all parties, including lending bank, title company, HOA, our agent, and us. In the end, we succeeded at closing it on time due to her professionalism and responsibility. What added complexity to our case was we are out of state buyers, and we could not sign loan documents on site or even at the same location, so Heather carefully selected mobile notary for us to make sure nothing will go wrong and ensure everything will be delivered on time. 

We think a highly positive feedback letter is the last thing we can do to show how much pleasure to have worked with Heather Clearwater.

 Please let us know if you have any question.

 Best regards, Xiulin & Andy


Thank you very much!

You are the Very Best!

It never ceases to amaze me what we encounter day to day, but regardless the circumstance, you always make it better!

Thanks again,

Steven, First Team Estates

Hello all!  I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work and most especially your quality of work!

You are the best!  I TC and negotiate for other agents and unfortunately we can't always use Homestead and not all escrow companies are created equal.  Homestead towers above the rest!  I love working with all of you so please, if I missed one of your team members, please let them know that they are held in the highest regard!

Suzanne Branson - Windermere Real Estate

Gale has done an "outstanding" job.  Once again, Julie, you and your team have shown why you're the best.  I pray that I'm able to pass along several transactions to you and your team this year.  You complement my philosophy of customer service excellence and responsiveness, and that the customer is king.


Donna and Julie, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I was VERY happy with the level of service I received on my recent closing from Cheryl.  She was truly a shining light in an otherwise very stressful quick closing.  I was impressed by her thoroughness and professionalism. As a person who understands how beneficial it is when staff exceed people’s expectations, please rest assured that Cheryl exceeded mine and as a result I will make sure that I let people I know who are looking for a escrow agent, to contact Homestead Escrow and Cheryl.

Timothy P. Mullaney-Castle Oak LP

Hi Gale/Christine, Once again, you have done a great job.  With the way things are today, you don't know how comforting it is to me to know I can count on you to get things done and not have to worry about it.  I really appreciate your efforts and commitment.  I wish I had "lots more" transactions for you to work on!

Joe Rocca, Keller Williams-San Clemente

 "Eddie Tanamachi and Katie Wilson-DiCaprio are a key component of my team.  They are 100% committed to helping my transactions close.  Whenever I have a request for something, Homestead Escrow responds immediately to me or my clients!  The dependability factor is huge to me and that is why I continue to use Eddie, Katie, and Homestead Escrow.  They make doing business easy for me, my clients, and my team."

Jeremy Conrad - Conrad and Associates, Realtors

 "Jen, just a word of thanks for your excellent service and impeccable attention to all aspects of this, my first but certainly not last transaction with Homestead Escrow.  Having experienced many transactions with mediocre to low service, I fully appreciate the importance of what you do, how you do it and how it can effect my reputation as a real estate professional."

David Simard (949) 244-1841

 "Julie, it has been my good fortune to be professionally affiliated with Homestead Escrow, Inc. and to work closely with you and other personnel in your firm over the years.  I can unequivocally say that I have never worked with such a pleasant, competent and professional escrow organization in my 23 year career as a loan officer.  

My opinions are not merely my own, but shared by my associates, customers and Realtor referral partners. This kind of experience adds a valuable component to both my current and future success."

Alex Gutierrez - Bank of America (949) 282-2240

Jenny ,You are one of the Best I have ever worked with. Thank you for doing your job so well.


David Stark


Jesse, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how fantastic you are! When I dated this file, I found a Property Tax Lien against our seller, and boy, oh boy, was I bummed, then started to take your package apart and to my utter amazement, YOU HAD THE DEMAND IN YOUR PACKAGE!!! I have not worked with an escrow unit that is this "together" in a very long time and trust me when I say THANK YOU!!! I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart; especially when you are dealing with a short sale, every penny, nickel, and dime is important to all parties. Again, thank you for being so on top of your files!


Sincerely, Kathy Boyd


Julie, I wanted to express our sincere thanks to you and your staff for your help and special assistance that you provided in escrow for our new home. I don‘t for a minute take for granted how frustrating it must be to work on these short sale transactions. They take forever to close and people don‘t respond as you would typically expect. We deeply appreciate your assistance and will do our best to reciprocate the favor as we work with future clients and have opportunities to refer new business to you.

It‘s a pleasure and privilege to work with you!


Bill Kelso-Senior Loan Officer-Bank of America Home Loans


Donna and Cheryl, You guys are the best! I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed working with an escrow company so much! I am going to call the listing agent and let them know what a pleasure it has been and hopefully get you guys some kudos for more business! You make a great team.



"Jen, thanks so much for all your hard work on this transaction.  I am very impressed with your company, and look forward to working with you again."

Kristine Forsyth - Altera Real Estate (949) 395-5931

Dear Donna, While each escrow presents unique challenges, this escrow was one none of us will forget. Opening escrow on a short sale utilizing the seller‘s agent to back-end the deal and then finding out it had a second unsecured loan was most interesting and scary, obtaining a FHA loan from Wells Fargo, only to find out my loan officer couldn‘t perform was more than a challenge as I spoon-fed him the information to his underwriters and then transferring the loan to Bank of America with trepidation, only to be assured they could and did perform. Throughout all the trials and tribulations, you, Donna Szmurlo, stood by me, calming me, reassuring me all would be right for I was working with Homestead Escrow. When I was beside myself crying on a business trip, not knowing where I could temporarily move and store my furniture, you came through and permitted me to move into my home until escrow closed. That is truly advocating for the client and thinking out of the box, creatively problem solving and for this I will always be grateful. Donna, you represent the ideal escrow officer and Homestead Escrow is fortunate to have such a commensurate professional as yourself. As a new first time home buyer, I was scared and uncertain. I am greatly indebted to you for truly providing me the support during this entire process and making my dream come true, owning my very first home, all by myself, an incredible journey for me. You are to be commended for your professionalism, compassion, and personalized level of exemplary customer service for Homestead Escrow. Due to the excellent personalized service I experienced with you, I recommended my best friend to utilize Homestead Escrow as she refinances her condo, and to ask for you personally. My sincere appreciation for the role you play in people‘s lives!


Teri Rowe



I wanted to write this note and say "thank you" for helping us close our property in San Clemente. It was crucial that it happened on Friday, or it would have been sent into foreclosure the following Tuesday. It was a very stressful situation, everybody had to work together, and you were a big part of making it happen.

Once again, Eddie was outstanding. His professionalism and work ethic seem to be far above other escrow officers I have dealt with and whenever we have tough situations or clients, he stays poised the entire time and just gets it done! He went so far above and beyond the call of duty in this transaction, and if it was not for his hard work, it would have never closed.

This is why Homestead Escrow will be getting much more business from myself and the rest of Conrad and Associates, Realtors. Thanks again!


Jeremy Conrad-Conrad and Associates, Realtors

"Jen, you‘ve been great!  I appreciate working with talent in this business, and it‘s not so often it happens that way anymore.  Thank you!  It has been a pleasure!"

Kim Clark - Castle Rock Lending


I would definitely utilize your wonderful services and would know that my transactions are being professionally, accurately, and timely handled.


Joe Rocco

Christine, Thank you for all your hard work.  Your efficiency,  as well as your unique ability for creative thinking  is a perfectly tailored  fit  to our dynamic team. 

Zuzana Boyd & Sheri Rathor-ZS Realty

I had an issue with a prepayment penalty on my existing loan, and I was back and forth with Wachovia/Wells Fargo daily trying to obtain a waiver and a have them issue a new payoff statement to close the loan. Gracie Jaramillo from your office has been very helpful throughout this long and stressful process, and she was patient, courteous and above all "Customer Service" oriented. Gracie was always available via phone or e-mail to answer questions. I felt like she cared about me and my outcome. I would recommend Gracie and your company to anyone asking/looking for an escrow company!  

Sarah Rutledge  

Thank you Jesse! I want to say that your office has been the most helpful and efficient escrow company I have worked with! A very easy process! Thanks!

John Mendez, Quick Processing 

THANK YOU, JOAN!  You did a FANTASTIC job!!  I appreciated all your emails, keeping me informed on the escrow.  It helped tremendously...  I'll look forward to our next one.

Yesterday I requested a copy of my escrow documents and purchase agreement.  I needed the documents quickly to complete my taxes before leaving the country.  Jesse Torres was fast and very helpful in getting these documents to me.  I appreciate his quick work and manners and his attitude reflects positively on your business.

James Beck

We just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with Jenny and her service on our Transaction in Laguna Woods. Laguna Woods properties can be challenging at best, but Jenny made the process smooth, easy and quick!
We look forward to working with your team again soon.

Michele Zuber and Devin T. Doherty-Doherty Real Estate Group

I want to thank you again for meeting with me this afternoon. I don’t know where I would be without your help and support in getting the documentation necessary for my accountant to complete my taxes and the documentation needed in order for me to get the $8,000 tax credit from the government.  I realize it’s all lot of extra work on your part and your willingness to do it with a smile means so much to me.  Peter Drucker, in his book on management, mentions that many companies define excellent customer service as meeting the customer’s expectation. He challenges the status quo and defines excellent customer service as exceeding the customer's expectation.  That is what you and Jenny Copenhaver have done for me in all my interactions with Homestead.  Thank you for going beyond the status quo and exceeding my expectation of the customer service I would receive.  Because of you and Jenny, I tell everyone how important it is to choose the right escrow company. In my book it will always be Homestead. In sincere appreciation,

Rebecca Cortez-Assitant to the Faculty-Office of Academic Affairs-SokaUniversity

Between yesterday and today I received the most emails from an escrow company. I was informed every single step, all the way until we got a confirmation. Do you know what this exactly means? Stacy Cope is on top of business, she is very professional and she knows that communication is the key of success.  Thank you for having her in your team, she is wonderful and I look forward doing business with you again,

Ray Corral-First Team Real Estate

Christine Koedel: I just want to say thank you for taking the time to call me, email me, or even text me when it’s necessary in order to make things happen. We’ve been working together for a while…… in a good times, and also in a slow times, but no matter what, your professionalism, and service, it’s been your number one priority in every single transaction.

I especially appreciate the time you spent reviewing my files, and making all necessary connection involved in the transaction in order to accomplish our goals.

Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.

Juan Jorquera-Realty One Group Inc

Joni, Thanks for everything. You totally rock!

Mark Christy

Ladies, I just wanted to confirm what you guys already know....THIS OFFICE IS THE BEST THERE IS!  Julie I have told you on every occasion I are the best! Sydney, you picked up the ball on every occasion, and confirmed this office ROCKS! I LOVE working with you guys, and trust me I get to work a few escrow offices, if you don't know it or too humble to know, you guys are a GREAT OFFICE TO WORK WITH!

Clark Feaster-Exchange Resources

Stacy, I have purchased or sold 12 homes in the last 27 years, and you are by far the BEST Escrow Officer I have worked with.  The others were good also, but you stand out by far.  Thanks for making this transaction go smoothly and close on schedule.  I plan to write a note to the real estate agent regarding your fine performance. Thank you very much,

Steve Bothwell

 "Jen, I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help and work on our escrow.  You did a fabulous job, answering all of my questions and were also very patient with us.  I really appreciate it."

Marcus and Sarah

I am extremely satisfied with the escrow services provided by Christine Koedel at Homestead Escrow. I’ve been in the Real Estate business for 25 years and have worked with many escrow officers/escrow companies over the years. Christine and her team at Homestead Escrow are the best escrow office I’ve worked with. She is completely thorough, professional and my clients have all raved about her superior service. I know when I give an escrow to Christine, I don’t have to worry about a thing. She goes above and beyond my expectations and gets the escrow closed in a timely manner.

Dina Williams-Prudential California Realty


I just wanted to confirm what you guys already know....THIS OFFICE IS THE BEST THERE IS!  Julie I have told you on every occasion I can, Lisa...Same deal...the BEST, Sydney (new gal for me) you picked up the ball on every occasion, and confirmed this office ROCKS!


I LOVE working with you guys, and trust me I get to work a few escrow offices, if you don't know it or too humble to know, you guys are a GREAT OFFICE TO WORK WITH!!!!!!




Between yesterday and today I received the most emails from an escrow company,

I was informed every single step, all the way until we got a confirmation.


Do you know what this exactly means? Stacy Cope is on top of business,

she is very professional and she knows that communication is the key of success


Thank you for having her in your team, she is wonderful.

and I look forward doing business with you ladies


Ray Corral




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