Debbie Ettelt

Debbie Ettelt worked her way up the ranks of the Real Estate industry starting in Escrow in the year 2000 and has experience with REO’s, Resales and Refinances. She has also been a notary for 15 years. When asked why she choose Homestead Escrow to hang her hat she said: “I love Homestead! This company is run so well, with the leads caring about their employees so that the employees can work on their files and take care of the clients. Homestead treats us so well that we can turn around and provide excellent service to our clients. Homestead prides itself on customer service and quality work and that is how I work also.” Debbie loves helping people and being someone they can talk to, which is an asset as she is dealing with Escrow accounts and two of the most important things in people’s lives: their money and their homes. She thrives on making sure the process is handled correctly, and is there to help relieve the stress that comes along with buying and selling property.


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